Our Products

  • Aimed at making life easy when there’s an unforeseen event such as a medical emergency or funeral, or you have to pay bills such as school fees.
  • Term loans are offered to government workers.
  • Salary advances are offered to workers in the private and government sectors.
  • Check me back loans are for bank employees.

What is it?

  • A longer-term loan for a specific amount.
  • Has a specified repayment schedule and a fixed interest rate.
  • Loans range from TZS100 000 up to TZS10 000 000
  • The payback period ranges from one month to 51 months.
  • Unfortunately not available to workers at private companies.

How do I sign up and what are the requirements?

  •  Simply visit your nearest branch or meet our Loan officers.
  • Bring your work and national/voters ID, latest two months’ payslips, a stamped bank statement and a signed loan agreement.
  • Your employer will have to upload the instalment in the payroll system before loan disbursement.

Do you offer extra benefits?

  • We like to reward our clients.
  • Soft drinks when visiting our branch.
  • Give rewards on promotion, for example we give away cooking oil, sugar and branded T-shirts to clients at our branches.
  • Loan written off on customer death (when death certificate is available).

How do I make repayments?

  • Loan instalments are deducted by the employer prior to sending the net amount to the customer. Ultimate Finance receives the deducted amount directly from the Ministry of Finance or the employer.
  • In the case of early settlement, the customer has to get the settlement amount from our branch and deposit the funds in Ultimate Finance’s bank account.